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The Secret Society Girls!!!
Tracey & Jennifer
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Tracey is a 28yo SAHM from New York.  She & husband Shawn are raising their 4 children:  Shane (7), Abby (5), Trevor (2) & Allison (2 mo.).  Her hobbies include:  Reading, writing poetry & short stories, music (I listen to EVERYTHING) and spending time with my brood, of course :)!
"I am still enchanted by the light you brought me.  I listen through your ears, through your eyes I can see." - U2


Miss Allison Elizabeth


Jennifer is a 33yo SAHM currently living in Southern California with her fiance & author, Dale Roe.  
She & Dale love to spend their time with their 4 children:  Claudia (10), Gabriel (8), Lea Caroline (5) & Jacob (3).  Her hobbies include:  gaming, baking, antique restoration, watching movies, reading & studying about ancient Egypt. 
They are all planning on relocating to North Carolina in the summer, 2006.
"Know your role!"


Jacob Ethan

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