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The Secret Society Girls!!!
Sara & Stephany
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Sara is a 30 yo Shift Manager/SAHM from Louisiana.  She & husband, Troy, are raising their 3 beautiful children:  Chandler (5), Lindan (4) & Laurel (2 mo.).  In Sara's spare time she likes to read & sew.
"If at first you succeed, don't try sky diving!"


Chandler, Lindan & Laurel

Stephany is a 25 yo SAHM from Washington State.  There, she is raising her 3 children:  Caleb Michael, Raelynn Jo and Nathan Christopher.  Her hobbies include computing, scrapbooking & shopping. 
Steph is our resident Computer Guru & Bargain Hunter ("I don't buy it unless it's 75% or more off!!"). 
"Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed!"



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