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The Secret Society Girls!!!
Beth & Leigh Ann
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Bethie is our resident genius & a SAHM to her son, Stephen Patrick, II.  She & her husband Stephen live on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  Stephen (or Jellybean, as he is affectionately called) came into this world via C-Section on June 28, 2002.


Stephen Patrick, II


Leigh Ann is a 38 yo SAHM/Business Owner from Minnesota, where she lives with her husband, Ken & their 2 lovely children:  Hunter (7) & Isabella (8 weeks).  In her spare time Leigh Ann likes to Paint, read & work in her garden.  We affectionately know Leigh Ann as our Herbal Honey!!
"I love deadlines.  Especially like that whooshing sound they make as they go flying by..."


Miss Isabella Marie

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